Y’all niggaz in trouble, should’ve never fucked with Yuk.
G-G-G-gay Unit!
Bitch ass Game you could neva fuck with Yuk you bitch!(you bitch).

[Chorus:] We keep them gats clappin’ to a nigga like En, fuck G-Unit (fuck em), you know the Game’s about to end, Regine Life! We back up in this bitch again, (nigga)You can run with snitches or run with killaz and win.

You ain’t no thug, you a faggot ass toungue ring mush face.
Bitch that won’t talk that blood shit in front of Suge face.
You ain’t a Compton blood, M. O. B. Mobbed out.
How you got a million when you livin’ at yo mom’s house?
On the interscope dvd at yo mom’s house.
See me on my dvd drop coupe, rocked out!
This nigga faker than Eminem on Wash house.
Come down South to get knocked out, popped out!
Watch Out! Make strategic movements, J Prince served and ran.
And G-Unit outta Houston.(pussy)
Y’all niggaz music, I peeped the blueprint.
Suge Knight slapped that nigga, he didn’t do shit!
Got slapped 2 different times, he didn’t do shit!
Disrespect the Eazy tattoo, you ain’t rufeless!
Dropped the album with jt, that didn’t do shit!
Now he mister hard body since he with the Unit.
Wanna beat my ass? Then prove it! What you gon do?
Sucker punch me and run, and D’mack for da gun?
I don’t play dat!
I’ll put you in da coffin with nuns, prayin’ for you, you ain’t Eazy-E’s son.
Get off his dick!
That’s why yo lips filled with Eazy-E c**.
How this nigga from the slums man he got an earring in his tongue.(haha) bitch!
How I’m getting fucked?
Droppes Benz, big spokes, nigga gotta fuck Yuk bitch, Chris Hicks broke! Master biter, The Game the mark, the stainless heart.
I’ll rip yo fuckin’ brain apart.
Tryin’ to tell you at the club bitch nigga play yo part.
You dat bitch nigga of “Change Of Heart”.
Tongue Ring!(you got a toungue ring nigga).
You internet thug, the war ain’t into it with ya, until I put some hollow tips in yo mug.
Why diss now?
You wadn’t talkin’ shit in the club.
That’s cute he tryin’ to prove to 50 Cent he a thug.(Awwww)
Call 40 he’ll let you know I devour boys.
And he let you know that my family is the flower boys.(what)
Ed Flowers, Joe Flowers, real power boy!
Got shot wit yo own shit you a coward boy!
You runnin’ wit snitches, you sleepin’ wit fishes.
I’ll put yo brains on dem fuckin’ new G-6’s.(blat, blat)
Saw you in da club, wasn’t talkin that slick shit, so why wait three months to come wit some diss shit?

(Chorus 2x)
Nigga, sound phony as fuck!
Regine Life!
Who you fuckin’ wit nigga?
Blood niggaz don’t know you nigga!
You ain’t M. O. B. Nigga!
You ain’t no real blood, you fuckin’ basketball nigga!

(Chorus #2 2x)
I know you get let me shine to get mine, this bitch nigga Game has stepped up on the line.
The boys in yo brain, yo brains is on the line, but I hope they don’t let Yuk in wit his nine’

I can’t believe you nigga.
I saw you at the club nigga, I told you I had beef wit 50 Cent nigga.
You said, “That’s between y’all nigga”.
You said you didn’t want no beef nigga.
You gave a nigga dab, I gave you dab, it was kool.
I thought we didn’t have no beef nigga.
You fuckin’ internet thug nigga!
You keep gettin’ slapped by Suge Knight nigga!(bitch)
You bitch, you ain’t no blood nigga.
Yadidimean! Fuckin’ coward nigga!
Yamean, you got them niggaz tryin’ to get you to rap against me nigga?
I’m the king of the west nigga, you fuckin’ poodle!
Get it right bitch! Yadidimean!
I end niggaz careers baby! Look at Master P nigga!
Every nigga, I wrote on has been silent nigga!
All my niggaz in L. A. Is dem niggaz dats jackin’ them niggaz at the club nigga.
You know how we get down, you bitch ass chump!(for real) nigga!
That lil fake ass G-Unit chain you was holdin’ on when you was talkin’ to me, if you checked me why was you holdin’ on your chain when we we talkin?
If you wanna box me, you gon’ tuck yo chain, you ain’t gon’ hold yo chain, that’s a bitch move nigga!
A bitch move is showin’ a nigga yo gun and not usin’ it, nigga I’m not Joe Budden nigga!
This is the mob nigga!(yeah)
J Prince nigga!(yeah)
You could neva come to Houston nigga!
Neva come to the bay you bitch!
Neva come to the midwest Chicago D!
Maan I tell you, you bitch, my nigga Speedy came to the Jim Jones video shoot and checked yo ass nigga!
He said, “Bo and Yuk got beef nigga”.
And you said, “If 50 was to die today, i’m gettin’ paid from a white boy at interscope nigga”.
Be real nigga!(be real)
Let a nigga know what really happened nigga!(what really happened)
Quit fuckin’ wit me like that you bitch! Nigga!
And I don’t box I hit niggaz wit glockz in da head you bitch!
Do all that I do nigga.
It’s the Oakland on mine nigga, Regine life nigga.
Yeah you see me in my Benz you bitch.

(Music Stops)
I got jewelry for everyday of the week punk.
Fuck that lil ass yellow-gold, whatever the fuck you rockin’ with, step yo shit up bitch!
Hand-me-down jewelry nigga.
And Compton ain’t fuckin’ wit you!
You fuckin bum, I’m outta here nigga you… See this shit on da forum you chump!
Internet ass thug.

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