Xoth – Melted Face Of The Soul Lyrics

Xoth – Melted Face Of The Soul Lyrics

Unseen greatness
Through the ether
Witness the splendor
Of the speaker

Beaming through you
Pierces your soul
Disintegrating atoms
Beyond a black hole

Peel away layers
Reveal what's not to be seen
Unfathomable sights
Awesome realms of reality

Open the ark of the universe
What you see will melt your face off
Spectral slime is what you’ve become
Freed from the burden of human scum

Raptured by a sign
Left without a face
Spectral visage lost
Drifting into space

Last time I saw you
Your face was still there
Now it's a liquid goo of despair
Into the heavens
Your soul it dissolves
One with the cosmos
You have evolved

Shred mortality
Now you are free
Into the cosmos
Achieved ascendancy

All but light now
Pulsing vibration
Ringing like music
Divine adorations