Xavier Wulf – Wulf The 14th Squad Captain Lyrics

Xavier Wulf – Wulf The 14th Squad Captain Lyrics

Goddamn fool, this — that look smoking as a mothafucka
Aye bruh get the blunt
Aye bruh, pass me that — pass me that liter right there

(I get high)

Already know, already know
This some shit right here nigga goddamn
This some shit right here boy
"Hell yeah, TA Double damn $"
Where'd you get this?
For real? So he got it — so he got it like that?

[Verse 1]
Now you already know a real nigga like me
Still buying weed mothafuck the police
I'm cold as a bitch and I don't even need a fleece
And if she looking good tell her drop to her knees
I got a bad asian cause I know japanese
Kow-ni-chi-wa, let me get the coochie
Naw girl I don't wanna watch a movie
She said cool then licked on me
I already know how a hating nigga be
He talk a lot of shit till he see me
Now it's all good, he don't even want to speak
I think he sees the blade thats attached to me
Off like a sign, got you niggas on the run
You even not a man if you have to use a gun
I'm stressing that steel, let me tell you niggas something
A bullet to a nigga head don't even mean nothing
Beat the nigga ass if he wanna prove something
Real fucking talk nigga, you don't know nothing
Jailed three times and I'm still here smoking
I don't give a fuck while I'm sipping my potion
All out in the open, I don't deal with no commotions
Girls on me like they want me to hold 'em
I'm eating so good let me tell you how I love it
Leave the bullshit last when the money is the subject
I'm still on my mothafucking goddamn hustle
Try to blame me and I'll break your damn muscle
I'm so serious nigga see my blood vessel
Your boy over there on a goddamn stretcher
Kenpachi hold it down whenever I tell him
Can't you niggas see I'm on another damn level
The girls digging me and I don't even see a shovel
Fuck you niggas mean
Boy you need to think better
Before I let a death note right you a letter

Oh my god, no Gohan
Gohan you're not strong enough to save me
Goku you're not strong enough to save me
Oh my gosh
It's the Wulf