[Verse 1: Xavier Wulf] I pull out three blunts lit up
Then roll some more because I want
Haters can't get what they want
They mad cus they can't chill with us
Little boy can't come near to us
The pressure is to furious
She say im too dear to her but
I forgot bout who she was
All my niggas pullin up so
Deep you can't do nuthin to us
Switch it back to me im sitting
Back cus they dont bother us
Who can say 'who who', I give
No fuck bout him or anyone
Bitch come fuck with creaking
And my emotion dont come visit her.

[Bridge: James Franco] "Hater's gonna hate
And Ain'ter's gonna ain't."
Two blunts shawty
Here's one for yo bitch
Sike, give it back, I don’t give a hoe shit
Bitch front a gram so we know she ain't shit
I don’t give a fuck how a hating nigga feel
He thinkin' we broke but
That’s a joke, you can sell
You club hop while I switch hotels
Your shows ain't shit nigga
You don't even compare
I told her come thru, she say im here
Gucci ain't here but she
Still say burr
TundraMan smoking on
That iced out pier
Iced out blunt cryin
Iced out tears
Leave it up to me imma
Break this nigga's spirit
TundraBoy, Iceman
Literally chilling
Boy test me? Better make
Sure youre really serious
Hollowsquad cutting out of
Any niggas feelings you bitch

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