Xavier Wulf – It’s Obvious Lyrics

Xavier Wulf – It’s Obvious Lyrics

[Verse 1: Xavier Wulf]
Who the fuck is that at the store? (Me, bitch!)
What the fuck you lookin' for? ((Water, you know!)
Cigarello packs for the low, low
You can get the deal too, only in the M though
My weed man professional he do not say no (TA)
Anything I order he will bring it to my door
You struggle cause you niggas unprofessional (Touché)
What you need to know, is what I know but I ain't sharin' though
Who the fuck is any of you? (Who is any of you?)
I can go like this like that reach back then I'll be through with you
I got my glasses on I feel like Uryu
Call me Jin or Mugen while I'm cuttin down any of you
Bitch I am the Führer fool (I'm the Führer fool)
Labels know I'm crazy and my squad finna cut loose
All I wanna see is proof
Castle floor magic if you fake you will fall through

[Verse 2 Chris Travis]
WaterBoyz entertainment bitch
Aye, Aye

Bitch you can get fucked up (aye)
Catch me in the pit, and I'm fucking shit up (grr)
Nigga watch out, or you will get flushed (aye)
Chris Travis bout to fuck the whole world up (grr)
Hair to the back and a blunt to the front (aye)
Disrespect me and I'll leave you like my blunts (aye)
Get domestic dogs just to wash up your guts (grr)
Right hand up nigga this ain't what you want (aye)
Damn right, I came just to fuck up the scene (grr)
Ho's mouths drop cause I'm like a walking dream (aye)
Young niggas know that I come off mean (grr)
WaterBoyz army here to leave the place leaked (aye)
Bitch (aye)