Xavier Wulf – Ice Wizard Woe Lyrics

Xavier Wulf – Ice Wizard Woe Lyrics

I'm on the streets, I'm in the road
I'm in her mind, and I'm in her soul
You sit with me I'll tell you stories never told
I'm still young but I'm already old
I'm on my own-

[Verse 1]
I'm on my ice, she show her toes
He dangle jewelry, I do a little more
I pick up my whole castle off the floor
I drop the top on my 46 and smoke
They call me Mr. Excellent if he ain't know
Rumor has it I'm the only damn captain on this boat
Try to sneak on me and we gon' see if his ass can float
I don't give a sitting fuck 'bout none of you haters, watch me smoke
I let her hit the wood then sit back and watch her choke
Now she throwing up, I said it's time for you to go
She said, "Wait, can I try again?" I say no
You done already failed the test, you can't come doe

You can't come doe

[Verse 2]
I hop out then hop back in like the pope
You leave it up to me I'll leave him tangled in the ropes
I can't give a fuck, I take his pride and his hope
And you an easy target if you don't know what I know
I'm riding in the wind with my friends smoking O's
I'm smoking on my own strain from my weed store
And bitch that ain't no flex its mandatory, not a joke
And now they mad at me cause every month I'm doing shows
Switch up my intentions should I should and let him go
Fuck it, kill them all but spare one to let the rest know
Fuhrer Wulf, Alucard cave man from the slopes
Give no fuck 'bout none of you boys and no fuck 'bout none of these hoes
You bitch