Vanity Theft – Textbook Answer Lyrics

Vanity Theft – Textbook Answer Lyrics

I wrote the textbook
I am the expert
I know what it took
To find the answers

I roamed the edge of the earth
In hopes it'd be worth
More than just
An A+ for effort

I used my microscope
To break it down now
And then my telescope
To figure out how
To see the much bigger picture
Concoct a mixture
In case I fail to remember how

To go through a phase
And still know my name

Break it down now, Figure out how
To make it all make sense
In less than seven days x2

Back, back, Forth, forth
It's automatic
Quit keeping score
And while you're at it

Go on now roll up your sleeves
Use elbow grease
Show me how to bury a hatchet

Don't go digging up
Artifacts from
Stories we don't bring up

Relax and
Let it tell itself
This plot will sell
And roll right off your back

Chorus x2

Take me down off the shelf
Thicken my shell
Put me back up where I sleep so well
Put me back up, Put me back up,
Put me back up, I don't sleep so well