Well look at scooby look at shaggy and look at your
Uncle sitting with busty busta rymes, but you cant take no money and
Live up the day with all these freaks ya know. and all I know is that
You come to that haunted castle ha ha

[Chorus] Told me freaks come out at night(ha) freaks come out at night
Is it true uncle does freaks come out at night?

Busta busta something!
Busta move busta
Glass busta rymes is gonna get some cash.
Busta move busta rymes
Is sitting with ur one and only uncle shine

(its kracker)

Yeah yeah scooby dooby doo where are you? I found
Something you might like, but anyways uncle you were singing follow me
That day when scooby doo came out in theaters I wanted you to take
Me to go see it but no you didn’t have the time cause one more
Time you were singing follow me.


Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh where were
You that day when I needed your help?
And where were you that day when
I wanted you to watch the cartoon scooby doo when I was child with me?
And how could you let me down so far out you never realized?
And maybe I just ain’t good enough for you.
Oh your a freak and its not even
Dark time when I told freaks come out at night.

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