[Intro] Yeah you feel me?
Young Ugly God
I wanna let y’all know I’m on a kill streak for having the worst freestyles
So I’m gonna continue this kill streak
Keep it goin’, let’s keep it goin’
Cook, I rap about some country shit too?
Whatever you wanna do
Ugly God is here, Cruz show, power 106
Huh, ayy, this that, this that real country shit right here
Ayy, ayy

[Verse] Okay I’m ridin’ on my horse
I can’t talk, I’m hoarse
I might fuck your bitch, it’s not forced
And I spit flames like a torch
Red on my shirt
My pockets got dirt, huh
See that bitch, I flirt, huh
I’m sellin’ that work, huh
I’m flippin’ them bricks, huh
I’m hittin’ them licks, huh
I’m lickin’ them tits, huh
I’m freakin’ your bitch, ayy
And I’m in the country
And I got him in the front seat
I might eat her booty like lunch meat
I might punch him if he touch me
Yeehaw, yeehaw, yeehaw, yeehaw

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