They say he doesn't love me
But they don't know
He makes me feel so happy
When I'm feeling low

My friends just can't seem to see
That he means the world to me

[Chorus:] And that is why I adore him
(He's everything, everything to me)
Oh, I adore him
(He's what a boy)
(What a boy should be)
Yes, I adore him
(Sometimes, he hurts)
(Yes, he hurts my pride)
I'll do anything for him

When we're with other people
He treats me mean
But when we're off together
Oh, you know I'm his queen

Tho sometimes I cry at night
He makes things turn out alright

[Repeat chorus]

Yes, sir

When we walk hand in hand
Through the roughest part of town
I never feel afraid
Knowing he's around

He may be cheating on me
But I don't care
Cause when I need his loving
He's always there

I can't help but wonder why
I've been blessed with such a guy

[Repeat chorus]

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