Scarface – The Good, The Bad, The Thugly Lyrics

Scarface – The Good, The Bad, The Thugly Lyrics

(feat. Full Force)

[Intro: D. J. Ace (Full Force)]
All my cats, international, worldwide
Niggas know how it get down
This the O. C. N., body prover, stick and mover
Get more gangsta, Patti Labelle'd out wigs
D. J. Ace the original crowd motivator
The Good: (Bambue), The Bad: (Raekwon), The Thugly: (Scarface)
Wit fine s*** ass Allure on the hook, nigga
Full Force on the hook, nigga, Lou Star on the hook, cat
Pitch Black, the track, yo, Full Force is back, let's go
(This one is dedicated, to all the haters, the non believers
Those who counted us out the game, no, we all here, yo
Those bullshit executives, who don't know a damn thing
This is for the people, Full Force, yeah)

[Chorus: Allure (Full Force)]
You've done up and done it now, real niggas stand up, testify
(We are here to show that Full Force, ain't none to fuck wit)
Ya'll play fool, but don't forget, Full Force, now jumpstart this shit
(We are here to show that Full Force, ain't none to fuck wit)

Aiyo, take money and chill, the most illest out of reels
Jump out of wheels, prada slip-ons, a lot of bills
You connin' it, this don, the streets honor it
Lean back and green garnaments, clean ornaments
Post in your arial, what, what, what, smoke in your area
Son, gun up provoke in your area
Swim through mammal style, do you, I do it great flannel style
A lot of ammo when a lot of owls
Run wit B. K. Reppers, blow, swifter and sweeter than a neck
To dress my ass off, wreck somethin', blow monster hits
Wit dominance, it ain't real, and no honor this, might get you a honor spliff
Catch me in shoes and jeans, B. M. Wagon
Lightin' up green, typin' up a letter by all means
Full Force come wit it, makin' this all real
I'm done wit, snatch paper kid, run wit it


Aiyo, hold up, stop, my niggas had this shit locked
Since the pop wilds, some that got
And show and tell time, he speaks, they can't sleep
Recognize what's goin' down, and bang this up in the streets
Some died, some dried out, had you cried out twice
I say I roll wit Full Force, you lookin' at me like
The fuck, you better get wit it ya'll
Not too many niggas got diamond plaques up on the wall
And it's fact, will never fall, on hits I flip sick
Blowin' up another chick wit big tits
Money talk, bullshit walk, know the rhyme
Give me beats that throw hook, like no hook, I punchlines
Roll wit Full Force, cuz I won't settle for less
Of course I'm on this joint, cuz I gotta have the best
Come through wit big niggas, me and my dough deliver
Bambue, boom, who's the flex spitter?


If you done heard one ghetto story, you heard 'em all
Seem like every rapper rhymin' bout they turnin' ball
That's why I got on this song, so I can let a nigga know
I ain't doin' this for the floss, baby, this for dough
Imagine if the whole rap game was ice and blunts
And in every other bird, you shot your dice and guns
Sit that trifle up, ok, try for this, like a talented man, the right to win
Strand, wacker shit sell than most tapes
Me and Force fed, bullshit, you lose grapes, like
Full Force, I remember now to speak your play
In the hard ways, on the telephone all day
So I had to come and rep it for the O. G. 's
So some mistake it for the Force M. D. 's
I move up on your sheets, so I had to come get it
I appreciate you puttin' me down, that's a privilege

Now it's our time to shine, Full Force get busy, one more time

[instrumental break]

[Chorus: Allure (Full Force)]
You've done up and done it now, real niggas stand up, testify
(We are here to show that Full Force, ain't none to fuck wit)
Real niggas dance up in this mix, Full Force back up in this mix
(We are here to show that Full Force, ain't none to fuck wit)

[Outro: D. J. Ace (Full Force)]
Yeah, nigga, you know how it get down
Representin' New York City, D. J. Ace along side Full Force
We still standing for Y2k and beyond
East Coast, West Coast, we're tired of this shit, nigga, put your hands down
Along side my man Raekwon, represent the Wu
The infamous Scarface, and the girl Bambue, the grave spitter
Pop this shit in your whip, boy, all the independent women stack your paper
You know what time it is, all my niggas push it up, pop your collar
Hah-hah, come on
(We are here to show that Full Force ain't nothin' to fuck wit)