He’s not just another man
He’s not, no, no, no
He’s given Me a newborn birth
I found sweetness on this bitter earth

He knows the things to say
To keep My troubles away
And when the worlds He’d say won’t do
He’ll try a kiss or two
And if His kisses fail to move Me
He’ll take a little time to soothe Me
He’s Mine, Mine, Mine
He knows how to control Me
He knows how to console Me

Repeat Chorus

He’s been just as close as a sister or a brother
He has done things for Me I couldn’t ask of My Father
I believe His love could stretch
From end to this earth to the other
Let Me tell You
I don’t want nobody talking about My baby
I don’t want nobody talking about My baby
Who gave Me more love than My own mother

Repeat Chorus

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