Didn’t you know
I’d let you lead your life
Didn’t you know
I’m not here to be some foolish man’s wife
Didn’t you know
I just want you to want me
The way I want you, it ain’t that hard to see

Didn’t you know
I’d never interfere
In the things that you do
The things that you hold dear
But the love that you give
It ain’t the kind I need
You just like the idea
The ‘idea of loving me’

You don’t know anything ’bout me
Anything, anything ’bout me…
Oh no, oh no

Didn’t you know
I’m not that hard to please
Didn’t you know
A little call will have me on my knees
Didn’t you know
I ain’t after your cash
Like other girls
Who would be over you just like a rash

Didn’t you know
I have my ups and downs
And when I’m low
How nice of you to maybe come around
Didn’t you know
What I want in a man
Is just one glance
And know he really truly understands


Maybe you will never learn
Maybe my love you’ll never earn
At night you’ll just lie next to me
While I’m wondering what could’ve been
Sometimes when you refuse my touch
I feel maybe I give too much
But I can’t help the way I am
I wish you knew what it takes to be my man

You don’t know anything bout me
No you don’t know anything…


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