Wherever you go, I go
And wherever I go, you go
Whatever you say, I say
That’s the way we like it

Whatever you do, I do
And whatever I do you do
Whenever we come, they come
That’s the way we like it

I look around me and all that I can see, aah…
Is pretty faces, they’re looking vacantly aah
With no opinions, not really much to say aah
Just bland old small talk, but we like it that way aah


So welcome to the high society aah
We’re all the same, who needs originality aah
We make the papers, don’t care about our cred aah
Just fame and fortune and with whom we share our bed aah


They here, they’re there
They’re everywhere you see
The news, every reality tv show
And they’re spreading like a bad disease
So please won’t someone come and rescue me (x 2)

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