There are trees, there are clouds
Many shadows and crowds
There are dreams, there are doubts
There are whispers and shouts
And the snow, it formed a crown
Upon the silvered mountain king
But there’s only one thing that I need

Sandy glass, stained with red
Birds with porcelain wings
In a house filled with books
That nobody reads
So many things will fill my life
But only one will do
It is you, it is you, it is you

And the Sun will sing its song
And the Moon will always mellow
And each day as my life goes on
It has all been a ruin without you

Broken bells, try to chime
Guitar with no strings
Pearls in the sea
That will never see rings
All the answers of the world
They need a reason to be true
It is you
It is you

Do my best on my own
To see the beauty abound
Glass of wine on my desk
When you’re not around
I’ve learned that there’s a key
Inside and only one will do
It is you
It is you
It is you

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