Wonder why!
You said you leavin', I couldn't see the reason why
Baby you know you is in my life
Yes you leavin', gonna leave Po' Lightnin'
And I can't see the reason why
But just as sure as heaven hand like hell above
Baby I want you to remember little girl
You're the one I love
And you leavin', ain't tellin' me nothin'
You won't say what for,
You won't say what for
You said you loved me, find out you were lyin'
But it's gonna come a day, you gonna love me in your time
You're gonna think about Po' Lightnin'
In your lonesome time
A many night, sit in my home alone
Thinkin' about you woman, knowed you was gone
That's all right, I'll sit here and moan
I'll sit here and moan
Look like the sun ain't gonna shine no more
Darkness done caught me, no light in my door
But that's all right, I'll forever worryin'
Until I see you again tonight
Again tonight
A many day, I sit down and cry
Thinkin' about you left me dissatisfied
But that's all right, that's all right baby,
Mmm that's all right, baby that's all right
But that's all right.

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