Artists: Lightheaded (Braille, Othello, Ohmega Watts) Ft. Sharlok Poems (Aka Poems),
Sojourn, Sivion, Surreal, Adam L

-Chorus x2
If you Sear-ching for something we got here
We just wanna take you there
We just wanna take you there

Verse 1 –
Passionate drive,
Rhythm and rhyme
Feel the vibe,
Open wide,
Heart and soul, let it subside,
Enjoy the ride,
We take you on a natural high,
Music for tha daily hustle,
Just tryna get by,
Hand in the sky,
This aint a stick up this is a pick up,
To the fallen,
This is yo time to get up,
Fill up,
On the sound from your stereo box,
Root down to above ground, this real hip hop

Verse 2-
Ay Yo, I look no furtha,
This I'll word herda,
Cultivates tha landscape of language to preserve a,
Piece of time, where you get a decent rhyme,
Witout relyin on a station where you hear or see no signs of it,
This is unda ground, yet far above it,
And leagues beyond,
What we be on, wit these songs,
Be eons ahead,
I know ya fed up wit tha spitas,
Not deliverin tha real,
I vow to keep it true for you ta feel


Verse 3-
Sivion got lyrics that glow,
Listen to me fast while I'm hearin you slow,
Diggiet doe, man we space five deep at the show,
See me baskin in tha sun while yall 6 feet in tha snow,
Swing low, let me see mo, spirits that's grow wit it,
Serve it out, watch fa terbout? 54 wit it,
Yea you can roll with it, smile like you holdin it,
Spread out his love and his grace when we blowin it

Sareal speak in life is like a beacon of light,
People see tha difference and tha reason is Christ,
So if ya seekin tha right, and tha wrongs a vice,
Sing along with this song Push On To Fight,
Come on, all in together we can whether tha storm,
Stay strong, sa-ton will wish he'd neva been born,
We need ta, unplug and find time to pray,
Yo, we all fall short but he finds a way


Verse 5
Watch out now,
Tha purpose driven person,
And fa certin mcs got style,
It's worth it to rehearse it,
Don't be nervous when you shut down,
Cuz it could turn around an be a perfect place and Talk out
Ya feelings shouted out loud,
Cuz workin is a workout,
Surrendering is never bending,
Let it be tha straight sound, of you becoming what your ment to be,
It kinda hurts while, ya stretchin for ya destiny,
But best believe it's best ta learn,
And never let ya erge dead?

Verse 6-
I'm gunna speak clear so you don't miss this,
And make sure every line is defined and efficient,
I only got one shot, but if I miss it,
Get mad at myself, and take it out on my misses,
If you lost this track would you miss it?
Or would it quickly be replaced by tha next song on tha hitlist,
I'm missin tha point if I think it's all about me,
And don't point those who listen to the one who will set them free


Verse 7-
I'm what you call tha matter, but altered backwards,
Add a M to acknowledge Mastah el-Jah-daka-lossa crafter?,
Pause and not for laughta, Applaud the cross cadavas,
Hard ev data couldn't capture fossil fracture fa our Velocirapture
Adam L, my soul forall tha cells ya pad excels,
Pedicels for those who follow afta,
Songs is automatic, Packard Bell could swallow that up,
Ah se-valo zel isoli zah Heli Halo? Bostala Holla atcha.

Verse 8-
Count off when what,
We got nuff soul, cuz ima love early ninety circle lyrics and go wit,
Two plus six mcs that bring rhyme acrobatics,
As this beat addict distorts tha static,
Cut transmission and open ears that don't listen,
And throw peace signs for def ears and found vision,
It's all love, (its all you), but you know what we're bout,
Not bound ta break ya body but we'll turn tha party out

Dope song for hip hop heads and true spittas. Spread Love yall. Peace

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