[Verse 1] Now trouble comes and goes
Ain't nothing new I suppose
Weight of the world, win and lose
And all that defeat has a way of catchin' up to you

[Verse 2] You know The Bass left me sore
But it's that same pass I gotta be thankful for
You know I can't change what's always gonna be
I try to keep movin' but it always catches up to me

[Bridge] No you can’t put a man at ease after you take him from his home
I got a hard road up ahead now, and a long way left to go
And I keep on lookin' back over my shoulder
Looks like the world's gettin' colder

[Instrumental] [Verse 3] And now I'm haunted by the hope, days I'll never know
I hear the church bells ring, the choir sing, wakin' up the ghost
And I keep on looking back over my shoulder
See the devil get closer

[Verse ] And trouble, time has tell
Look for the good in the stories, time will tell
And when they follow the bad and the blue
Just keep on movin', don't let 'em catch up to you (no, no, no)

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