Lost the vote, but god elected me
I’m never wrong kuz he speaks through me
I’m the baddest hombre around
Minded by my Uncle Dick
So dumb I thought I was President
Meet the Terror of Tiny Town

I decide
I divine
Who’s evil and who dies

Hobby horse
Across the White House lawn
The Great Cowboy Cornholio
Texas oil’s favourite clown
Never far from his feed bag
Of pretzels frosted with cocaine
The Terror of Tiny Town

Sit him down
Spin him round
Got wars to plan
And people to kill
So decide
Bring ’em on
It’ll be shock and awesome

On my ranch, under the stars
God tells me it’s the end times
Mission accomplished
I do what I want

Rummy, make it so
Condi, give me a blow
Wee Wee’s big adventure
Starts now

Seize the oil in the Middle East
Kill their ass with fake democracy
Show ’em who’s the boss of this town
Magically they will learn to love
Baywatch, burgers and Israel
And the Terror of Tiny Town

9-11 was no conspiracy
More like Spinal Tap to me
Our empires goin’ down
Even if we wipe Al Qaeda out
What will all the kids be like?
When we’re all the Terror of Tiny Town

So what now?
He ain’t gone
‘Till they’re all brought to justice for war crimes
So act fast
Or this lasts
Kuz before you know it,
Guess who’ll be back

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