Gentleman – Send A Prayer Lyrics

Gentleman – Send A Prayer Lyrics Online Singing Lessons

Jah jah I say
Hear the words of his son lifting up his voice today
I know and I pray
Never will I go astray

Me send a prayer for my mama today
On my knees to the father I pray
Guidiance protection every day (repeat)

Ine me ganga lee boot and ina me khaki suit
Yes I am a soldier and me seeking the truth
Trampeling the peagon cause man hafi revolute
Dem try fi kick me from the planr but jah is my parachute
I and I a stone that de builder refuse
Nuh go walk dem walk nuh step ina dem shoes
Nothin left fi win there is nothin left fi lose
Down a babylon the whole a dem confuse

Chorus (repeat)

Fi live in this ya world a one ting yuh shuolda know
What yuh gonna reap is exactly what yuh sew
Trodding mount zion only one way to go
Life it a no tee taa toe
So me nuh go sit down nuh go waste no time
Nuh go mek dem brainwash control my mind
As far as I man know man a king from ancient long time
Yuh can't pop me off from the vine

Chorus (repeat)

One step come we hold a medi now
Two step baldhead an dready now
Three step high grade ina we heady now
It keep we steady now (repeat)
Oh yes now
High grade ina we heady now
Oh yes now
Even de baldhead and dready now

Chorus (repeat) Online Singing Lessons
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