Every gonna beast, who open the cage
Seventh book of moses, who open the page
Like order this dragon, spit fire everywhere
Pass you like me, you supposed…
These niggas want beef, but real king of the south
But I ain't saying nothing like…
Now ain't sleep all fire take, they shop them
Since every got a blew food, more people won't stop him
Morning… I beg stretch the parket
Any border wen tribe gonna meet like old fashion pocket
… Anyone, I got eye, if money they all,
My homie… I go die
They said I be the king, they mean that…
I author your… The new guy
On my nigga… I got 17 niggas
Now on them me the right rhymes
They fixing a joke till I'm gonna start to laugh
You know I can't laugh when they make… For box
Just got 2 nominations, I'm heading to the edist
Life is moving too fast, I got slow head into the cameras
Good thing for my spirit, I love more than the rango
Different call on several my area, now I've been like Rambo
Boy knows the mike, you know I take your brain go
So better spread the plague, before this plague get your range rove
… If you no survive… Rushing at hospital
Prove a… Smell like car bad
When know ah bless me, resemble on the reach
Life no fair, I love my own make your…
Cause when you done the blow…
Lord I beg forgive me all the… When I don't blow… You be my force

Now I pray ana me say I don't get caught
Put up my environment, or this my way to not see
When I grow up
You can say that I'm raw, but I gots the…
I'll be getting head on the way to the eddies
Cause be like me for,… Se my face
But now I don't blow they walk on sleep my place
Emcees now one day, follow me…
I'm the best out here, fuck all the artists,
If you want beef, go pick a meh cuisine
Make a heats you for free, and bring out from the streets
Man, what's all this, you can say by my flow that I'm all streets
I ain't saying nothing, I'm done with this
I just hope you listen, I just hope you clarify the thought
That I am here to stay
I am going nowhere, and I will never go down
I'm never going down, it's a freestyle now
I'm killing every round, I'm a spitting in the booth
What they gonna tell, what they gonna do
It's the truth baby, I'm a… Baby
But it's the one who fuck with one
I'ma break down baby
Bring us rappers down, now you know my style
Yeah, I still done run this town now
I run the town from the prison to the streets
You know what I'm saying?
Yeah well baby, a nigga made right now man
I remember some days back like last year, you know
I was outside, I couldn't get into show
You know what I mean?
But surprisingly this year I'm getting 2 nominations
You know what I'm saying?
I know you got my back man,…
This to all my street peeps all day, you know
… Blue true it
You know what it is, I got daisy in the studio right now, you know
Doing the songs… It's… Talented, young money, paper boy yeah
I ain't even write this man
It was a freestyle, I hope you like this
I got he s key, I hope you like this…
Yeah I want the… I ain't never going down
See, they won't make ah go, I ain't never going…
You know what it is man, I'm out of this booth
It's a freestyle for you, you, you and you
… Back by popular demand, I'm the man
… I ain't never going, you ain't never going
Give me the shit, I'm on to the next one
… You know what I'm saying?
I run the streets and still on the bench, bitch.

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