Late one summer night
Drifting off to sleep
Dreamed of a woman
And a love so deep

Woke up
I felt a stirring in the air
Room was empty
Still I felt her there

She haunts my dreams
With a love so right
I hear her callin' softly
In the cool of the night

I feel her touch
I feel her warmth
She sleeps by my side

But when I reach out
She's not there

She's just a mirage
Just a mirage

Now I won't be complete 'til I find her
My lovely mirage

I caught a hint
Of her sweet perfume
On the heat of a breeze
In a lazy noon

Through the blindin' sun
I caught a glimpse of her
Strollin' down
Shimmering avenues

Now I'm sure
I've loved that girl before
Someplace, somewhere
In another time

Love is torn apart
And I know not why
Trapped in a love
That just couldn't die

She's just a mirage
Just a mirage
Now I can't go on livin' this torture
When you're with a mirage

She's just a mirage
Just a mirage
And I feel it so close
I reach out but she's just a mirage

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