You know Johnny and Lonnie and T-Boy and Mahan,
Thibodeaux, Fontenot, Leger, and Trahan.
But do you recall the most Cajun reindeer of all?
Boudreaux the Cajun reindeer, has a very beer-burnt nose
And when he’s eating crawfish, it gets red as Santa’s clothes!
All of the other reindeer used to call him “Cheapskate Joe”
They never liked poor Boudreaux cause he never spent his dough!


Then one crazy Mardi Gras, Santa came to say,
"Boudreaux I think time has come, it’s your turn to make a quick beer run!”
Now all the reindeer love him., as they drink their Voodoo Beer and toast,
”Boudreaux the Cajun reindeer, here’s to you, our coon ass host!”


Laissez les Bontemps Roulez!

Boudreaux the Cajun reindeer was by far the cheapest deer
He’d hang out on the Bayou drinking all the other reindeers’ beer

Some of the reindeer downtown nicknamed Boudreaux, Buck Goldstein,
Until the day they made him fork over some of his green

Repeat chorus

Boudreaux the Cajun reindeer, here’s to you our Cajun host!


Hey chickadee, come over here! The girls all call me “Mule deer.” Oh, ho ho ho ho ho!

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