Verse 1
God so love the world
That he gave His only son
Whosoever believe in Him
Shall not perish but have eternal life
From everlasting to everlasting
Your love never fails
From the rising of the sun to the setting be lifted high
Your grace we will sing forever and ever
O God you are strong
You are merciful
You are mighty
O God with us
Forever and ever

His love endureth forever and ever forever (x2)
His mercies endureth forever and ever forever (x2)

Verse 2
How great is the love of the father He lavish on us
Greater than our heart
Love that cast away fear and guilty
We are not consumed by His anger
His compassion never fails
They are new every morning and day o yea
Great is thy faithfulness forever and ever

Verse 3
For as higher the heavens above the earth
As Holy and Righteous
As beautiful and glorious
God look down on us
He show His love onto us
His love burn like a fire waters cannot quench
Money cannot buy His love his priceless
Love that forgive sins that heal diseases that give life
O love never fails
Forever and ever

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