El Wizzy – Owe Nobody Lyrics

El Wizzy – Owe Nobody Lyrics

Yeah!… na so!
Hot and fresh awter kitchen
Dats wat evrybody is wishin!
Dis aint joncin… no be joncin!
It's elwizzy!… elwizzy!… elwizzy!

I no owe anybody
Evrybody na my pady
So make u come make we party
Make u dey move ur body
Ur free to shark kwady
Make sure say u dey hold somebody
Dey dance, dey move, dey wine, dey sqeeze, dey tease ur body
Cos it's elwizzy
Da king of efizzy
Ama take off ur dizzy
I'm gona make u get busy

It's elwizzy in da buildin efizzy freak
Tryna make my fans feel my flows to da peak
Na de kind thing I pick
Flexin at club almost evryday of da week
And dats wat I've come to do
And dats wat I wana do
Cos dats wat I know how to do
Cos dats wat I'm born to do
I'm gona make u feel it
Cos it's da real hit
It's a sealed beat
Don't give a fuck ur free to steal it
Cos evryone na my friend
Flow together lets party to de end
Chai!… feel da kind thing I dey send
Feel da kind flows wey me I dey blend
U see wetin I dey do
Na wetin I wan do
Na wetin I like do
Dis na brand new igbedu
Jus to say evrybody gbawa egwu
(Sing chorus)

Dropin like it's hot
Not as much as I taught
I don dey work make e no be like say I too dey talk
But anytime I enter de club
With my kinda flow evryone go like to dulb
Like say I be pope john paul
Elwizzy evrybody dem go dey call
Cos I no dey form at all
With jah by myside me I no go fall
Cos I no say one day
All of una go know say na here wey me dey
Like play like play I go turn to ideh
Makin my doe evryday by day
Dis na brand new style
Grab ur partner and show some smile
Na true no be lie
Jus at de intro I don dey fly
(Sing chorus)

I'm in de house chewing da microphone
So serious dat I don even off my phone
Jus to make sure say my padies catch some fun
U can't do it like me cos my style is wonderful
I'm da one and only me
Elwizzy gat lota flows ina me
Buildin my fans no single enemy
Walking in de stret and they keep hailin me
Cos evryone na my firend
Flow together lets party to da end
Chai!… feel de kind flows I dey send
Feel de kind beat wey me I dey blend blen blen!
(Sing chorus)

Busy with somfin… busy with somfin
Too much flexin… too much flexin
Too much efizzy… efizzy
Elwizzy… elwiiiiizzeeeeeee!
Akdon production… akdon production… akdon
Uuuuhhhh akdon production!