Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera – Stand With Me Lyrics


How will you praise me, When you’re not around,
You say you love me, then you hit the ground,
Make up your mind babe, I won’t be here long,
Just let me know babe, when I sing this song.

Don’t leave me waiting, time is moving on too fast,
stop hesistating, cuz our love will never last,
I’m moving on, don’t try to grab me back, I’m moving on..

Boy I’m on my own, cuz you let me cry these tears,
you walked away, now I can’t face none of my fears,
I need you boy, please come back to me,
I need you boy please can’t you see..


Don’t leave me waiting oooh I won’t stay for you, you let me go too
Many times, you’ve let out love goooooo……..

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