Day after day, week after week
Life's full of emptiness
And I feel so depressed
All the time, who's to blame

Dreams in the dark they all disappear
When light hits the window
And darkness finds corners to hide
Away from the sun


Don't live in a lie
Keep your soul alive
Beyond space and time
There you will find…


Stealer of Light – Bringer of Night
Take my soul, carry me home
Stealer of Light – shows me the sights
Take my soul, carry me home

Room full of fears, feed you with tears
Your hunger – eternal!
Keeps them alive
And the flame never dies

Power of unknown
And the souls of the damned
Drawing you closer
Re-arranging emotions you feel deep inside

[Pre-chorus] [Chorus]

Servants of the dark
Stand your ground
Make your mark
Stealer shouts from above

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