Knowing no sorrow or fear
Judged by his spirit
The last rite is here

From the dark the pure have survived
The age of enlightenment
Now has arrived

Searching for signs to show him the way
A call from within
To rise on this day

One soul in this perilous fight
To strike at the heart
Of the enemy's might

Hellish lands burning his mind
The fate of the world
The hope of mankind

Now witness the grand final stand
All is his choice
His will to command!

Riding with forces of old
The alliance reborn again
The story is told

Why do we listen to a crowd of fools,
Always choosing what others would want?
Inside my mind the demons arise
My soul bleeding for retribution

The light that shines in my eyes
Spirit show me the way
Guiding me from the lies
To live another day

Throughout the years so many in pain
Far too long we failed to see
Those who love the power they wield
Why all this need for persecution?

The light that shines in my mind
Path I walk alone
Search for freedom my guide
Can't wait another day

On this journey of life
I seek to find my destiny
I hear it calling, calling out for me…

Fear surrounds the world I see
Ignorant bliss all that they know
Persevere through chaos
Reach for wisdom deep in my soul
Faith and reason co-exist
Learn to think, I shall not be blind
What they choose to criticize
Really what they choose to hide behind

Now at last the time has come
When we die where do we go?
Seeking hope in desperation
Promises are false contentment

Will the soul endure it's forsaken fate
To break from bone and flesh?
Reach it's final destination,
Will we know?

As I ride on the river of time
Memories flooding my dreams
Trust in that which insight reveals
Flame of truth set us free

Plural minds in a world of disguise
Separate thoughts, subjective ideals
Appearances we take for the truth
Is our essence a higher reality?

"At last we have ventured through timeless ages in a quest for
Truth. While fighting to seek answers to life's epic questions,
We abandoned the lies of others to discover our own way.
We have broken the will of the weak-minded deceivers and
Thus have strengthened our own. We are the chosen ones.
Our essence will burn on in the glorious flames of eternity! "

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