And they stick with me: Days spent alone in angry shadows.
I, the child. I, the ghost inside.
Someone be with me. Someone share a smile with me.
I am the ghost inside.

[All Hallow’s Eve] Tonight I wear the mask.
The smell of decay is so sweet.
Tonight will give birth to the true face in me.
A playground for the grim thoughts inside.

[Worldburner] I’ll set this world ablaze.
Black fire, black air, black rain.
You will all. Be alone. No one to comfort you.

[Unloved and Forgotten] Unloved and forgotten.
I’m your ghost… I’m… Your Ghost…
… I am… Your ghost…

[Epitaph] Deranged minds develop further every day.
A farm of darkness and the crop is discourse.
Laced and sprinkled with the sting of mediocrity.
Whittled by the sting lifelessness. Driven by horror, pushed forward by fear.
Tonight will give birth to the true face in me. Sifting through the true thoughts inside.

[The Lost Scrolls] Erase these imperfections, undo the mistake of mankind,
But the scars will always remain, these tears will always be cried.
… The grudges are held…
… This hate does not die…
… Tonight I cross the line…
… The line drawn in blood…
… A line drawn in blood…
Tonight I wear the mask.
Tonight I barter in blood.

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