April Start
All About You

I was on my own
I was doing just fine
When you came in my life
I was into you you were feeling me too
It was all a good time

You turned me upside down
Turned my world around
Everything was all right
Now up and down what your all about
And im loosing my mind

Too blind to see it
To in love to believe it
What you’re doing to me

When it’s all about you
You forget about me
Don’t i deserve to be happy
Spending all of my time
Giving you mine
That’s not the way that it should be.
When it’s all about you
You forget about me
You can’t change what you can’t see

When it’s all about you 3x

Everything you say
Everything you do
Got to be about you
You drive a fancy car like
You’re some big star
Now I got a clear view
So you say it’s like this
But you do it like that
You got me confused
Looking at yourself like you’re something else
I got nothing to loose

C’mon give me your best shot
Give me anything you got
Its never gonna be good enough for me


When it’s all about you 3x

Im looking at you
Your looking at me
Im walking away
But you don’t’ see
What you got its all you need
Best things in life are always free

All you wanted was
Yourself don’t care about me
Or no one else
It didn’t matter to you
It don’t matter to me
That’s how it’s going to be

When its all about you 3x


When it’s all about you 4x

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