If you dig under my feet
You will find things that you don’t want to see
Things that I hide deep down inside
A menagerie of the tragedy I caused and all of my flaws
And my demons are all that can see
Then what would you do… If you only knew

[Chorus:] All of the things that I’ve done
Terrible things… You would never believe
Things that I’ve done
Oh how you’ll run
If you knew a single one
All of the things that I’ve done

Would my face give me away
But I know it wont
Cause I don’t even feel
I just reflect what you expect
So you don’t suspect that…
I could be exactly who I am


I know that I’m inflected
But who could have predicted
That monster that I’ve become
I keep things carefully covered
So no one will discover
That I could be the culprit
I’m sorry I can’t help it

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