See I've gotten everything
Complete for you
Turn that part way
It's with it I found you
Here there's pillaging
Here I cart her arms
She takes a little box
Next right to the starlight
Little kings and queens
Little kings and queens

Funny geese going by
They go through space to rule the sky
Blood is flowed
Comets soar
Throw the phone on to the volt storm
Files ending and smash point is disputed
From what end our cause is growing up?
Some gift
Had no voice
Had no sound
No words to attack the ground
For your attention

See I told you
(see I told you)
Who was who
(who was who)
And gave you
(earthquakes on the verge)
A world view
(kings and queens at work)
A world view
(oceans hard to surf)
To see through
(I see that)
How do things
(all the time)
Grow too few
(like kings and queens)

A world view
A world view
A world view
(Oceans hard to surf)
(Little kings and queens)
(Little kings and queens)
(I see that)

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