Down in a southern town
A devil took both my eyes
She buried them in the sand
She wanted me to hold her hand

Is it coke or would you like a beer?
No, I want what burns and is clear
When it's clear and it burns to the taste
It puts beauty back in its place

The first of this devil was worse

It spoke through my fingers in verse
Let the children feast on the street
Cause they don't care what they eat
Let the horses all starve in a ditch
Let the architects sit and get rich
Let the Christians call down from above
Let them starve for wanting of love and
If he exists he's out of sight
Or under cheap fluorescent light

Justine take off that disguise
In the sunlight there's nothing you can hide

Justine the world is cruel, I know
But escape is loneliness for sure

Justine what does all this mean?
You got something I'm not supposed to see?

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