Release the blindfold before my eyes
I've witnessed the cosmic aeon carnage
Passengers on the awakening course
Confessing their sulfur stinking existence

Masses for the tempted beast
Embracing black shepherds with human harvest
The sun shall never capture my face
Cause I'm born in the shadows of unhallowed grace

Teach me father
Reveal me father
Mark me Satan

Cause you have not betrayed your son
To secure thy own existence
Disguised in fame fooling the mankind
To read between the lines
Engulfed by the sickest of minds
I'm dragged into voids of darkness

Cause I have lived in a world of lies
Until you showed me where my soul descent
Beneath the lies of this prophecy
There's a world I have not recognized
Ohhh ghastly son of the mourning
Teach me how to comprehend

Hellfire wrath has been brought upon us
Crimson skies of sinners blood
No longer trapped by a mental disguidance
Black horizon opened my eyes

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