I am not insane. You frighten me.
Leave me alone or I must defend myself.
Defend myself against these voices, against your presence.
I can't go on – leave me alone.
I will destroy you, bring all this to an end.
You won't torment anybody – Nobody will miss you.
Your blood will be my salvation – I will swallow your heart.
I'm in service of God, in service of MY God.

Feel my despair, feel my wrath
I have warned you, now you will find your rest

Your skin will protect me against the chilling frost of night.
Your flesh will be my nourishment.
Your blood will blend with mine.
I swallow you – you swallow me.
Feel my punches, feel my love
I delivered you from life.

Now you will find your rest.

The feast of love is over, in far distance is your yelling.
I'm not insane – you made me thus.
I had to defend myself somehow.
To kill you, to deliver you was my deed.

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