We saw Him on the water
On the lake when it was storming
The waves crashed against the boat, but
He didn't seem to mind
James, Andrew and the others
Were wishin' they were safe and sound
It sounds stupid, but I cried out
"Let me take a walk around!"
Walk on the water – Messiah, let me try!
Walk on the water
He turned 'round and said, "Come out!"
I started to walk around
I looked about and started feelin' doubt
Thought for sure I would drown
When it all was over
He had to drag me from the lake
As I was drying out
Said, "Peter, why'd you lose your faith?"
Walk on the water – your eyes on Messiah
Walk on the water
I ended up with a lot more faith
Learned a lesson on that day
That when you're on the boat and He says to walk outside
You keep your eyes on Christ
'Cause if you know Christ and you trust Him
No matter where you sail
No matter what you set out to do
I know, I know you never will fail
Walk on the water – beside Jesus Christ
Walk on the water

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