Standin' there, they knock at your doorstep
Tryin' to make you part of their plan
They hand you a tract, say they wanna come back
You know, they said that Jesus just was a man
Christ is more than a teacher
I know He's God — can't you see
The way that I know is:
There's lots of proof when I read
Titus 2: 13 says that Jesus
Is our God and savior so great
Peter and Paul say the same thing by the way
You can check Second Peter 1: 1 today
From there it's to the letter to Hebrews
Talkin' how God's Son is unique
In Hebrews 1 verse 8 the Father truly does say

He says His only Son is God, yes indeed
Isaiah chapter 43, Jehovah says,
There isn't a God or savior except for me
That's why the Christ said, obey or you're dead
You must believe I am to save your souls… Think!
Maybe I should check the beginning
Reading John 1: 1 for a snag
"And the Word was God." It's just as I thought
It's lookin' like it's truly a fact
Lots of other things you can show them
If they stage a counterattack
Remember to pray, then you really can say
"I'd like to have the both of you back!"

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