Practiced in the basement each Monday
We sure knew an awful lot of tunes
But we had to find a way; we had a lot of things to say
What the music needs is a way to take the style
And change a word or two with some knowhow
Gotta get the message, put a song to it
We're in the world, but we're not of it now
Ohhh… Christians doin' music
Ohhh… Christian music
Ohhh… Christians doin' music… For the times.
There are words – you know better
Than the Word of God
'Cause you've heard them in your favorite song
We can take that, change it all around.
Oh, we gotta play that rockin' sound
If that all sounds good to you
And you see the way we see
There ain't nothin' this old group can't play
Grab your Bibles, pick yourself a line
Oh, we're gonna play it one more time
From the harp of little David
Playin' maskils and the psalms
To the crowd in Revelation
People praisin', trumpets playin'
While the world sings a song to God!

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