Even though, I wasn't bold
I didn't doubt the Lord
I didn't know what to think when He came
And said, Speak to them all my words
But my Lord, I speak so horribly
And I feel like I'm far to young
Somebody else should take my place
You know that God told me to move along

Whoa! Be bold, Jeremiah
Don't let them see you are afraid
Whoa! Be bold, Jeremiah
Let them hear what I've got to say

Prophesied to all my friends and foes
Prophesied to people I'd just met
They all threw me out and said go away
It might be 'cause I prophesied their destruction
But my Lord keeps callin' me back there
As I get on with servin' my sentence
Prophesyin'- got tears in my eyes
You know that God said, Go and tell them all to
Get repentant

Dungeon bound they threw me in the ground
Until the king pulled me out
I've got to keep on preachin' on
They all said, Big deal, he's a prisoner now!
And I'm hopin' for some visitation
You know but I can surely see
That I don't want to get cut off whenever
Punishment's comin' down on this city

Be bold, Jeremiah- Carry the news I spoke
Be bold, Jeremiah- And prepare them for Babylon

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