Creeping through the system
Spreading like a disease
A cancer-like affliction
To bring us down to our knees

Created for the masses
Systematic crash and burn
To pillage and to plunder
This cyber-hungry world

Circulate, devastate,
Re-create the perfect virus

Entering the mainframe
Like a rogue, killing, hunting machine
Weaving its' web of destruction
Like nothing before ever seen

Artificial intelligence
Wiping it all as it learns
Crucial data corruption
The chips are down and they burn

I will deploy and terminate
I will expand and annihilate
You will scramble to vaccinate
You will find out that it's too late

Picking up the pieces
In the aftermath of the war
A technological genocide
The likes never seen before

Seeking restitution
As the world comes crashing down
The creator of this Trojan horse
Has vanished, never found

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