That's my cigar
You'll steal another
Hey bumma's we got work to do
Since when did you become me mada
Ahh stop your ballin
Hey who asked you?

Try bottle alley or the harbor
Try central park its garenteed
Try any banker, bum or barba
They almost all knows howda read

I smell money
You smell foul
Met this girl last night
Hey move you elbow
Pass the towel
For a buck I might

And its a fine life carrying the banner through it all
A mighty fine life carrying the banner tough and tall
Every morning we goes where we wishes
Wes as free as finshes
Sure beets washin dishes
What a fine life carrying the banner through it all

Its takes a smile as sweet as butta
The kind the ladies can't resist
It takes an orphane with a studda
Who aint afraid to use his fist

Summa stinks and winters wating
Welcome to new york
Boy aint nature fasinating
When yous gotta walk


Aint it a fine life carrying th banner through it all!

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