Aniel – Rendezvous Lyrics

Aniel – Rendezvous Lyrics

Like Mr, Mrs. 007
We're on the move.
The signs are telling,
Time is dwindling.
We got things to do.

Live loud, stand proud.
Demonstrate the truth in love.
Don't turn around, look back now.
You know we gotta…


Extra extra!
Read all about it.
The world is truly lost.
We got violence,
No common sense.
But Jesus paid the cost.

All that matters
Is what we do for Christ.
We can't turn around, look back now.
We gotta finish the race.

*Show us the way!
Lead us today!
We'll do what you say.
Cause we gotta make that rendezvous!
In our weakness you're strong!
We'll keep holding on!
It won't be too long
Before we're gonna make that rendezvous!

Show us the way.
Won't you lead us today.
Cause for your purpose, plan, and pleasure
We are and were created.
I know it won't be too long.
We'll be going home.
To the place have you prepared for us
For eternity.


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