I really hate hypocritical people
Cynical, liars, advantaged ones
Those who kill women and mistreat their children
The partners who commit adultery

You know I have a thousand whys
That's why I hate you and all of your kind
Get the hell out from my face
Your presence makes me feel… VOMITIVE!

Sometimes I wish to be an ostrich
So I could hide my head from all like you
Something done wrong then acting innocently
Now remain consistent of what you've done

That's what you get for treating me like a fool

I will tell you a real story happened not so far from here
It's about the best neighbour he was a old man…

Beat my wife up cause I love her and I touch my daughters too
But I go to the church everyday my soul is cleaned for sure


Welcome to the real world of shit
It's frightful take a look around
Now I ask myself it god really exists
Then he must be the worst of them

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