Hi there baby
I just felt that I had to call
Cos I hear A rumour just today
It's got to be A lie or this I pray
Feeling like I got my back up against the wall
But I just gotta say that the truth is all I'm asking for
Woo wah oh

Hang up baby
Get over here tell me what's been going on
Please please you gotta make it clear
Show me what's been going on
So get out of this place
And let's stand face to face
Need your love now I can't bear to lose it all
So hang up baby
Get over here tell me what's been going on

People talking it's A thing that we can't control
We've got to be stronger every day
We can't afford to throw this thing away
But I've just got to say that the truth
Is all I'm asking for
Yeah hey girl

Rep chorus

I can't believe how this things got A hold of me
Oh another minute of this make's it hard to breath
Can't you understand baby what you do to me
Oh oh oh

Hang up baby get over here tell
Me what's going on

Rep chorus

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