Ey, nigga

(Verse 1 -Boo Kapone)
My nigga Bink got my back,
Nigga Squeak got the gat
Whan I'm faded off some 'yak
When I'm peelin niggas cap, nigga
Fools talk about L. A., L. A.
Sounding gay
I doubt if these niggas down for gunplay
And if they hard runnin hollow point tips
I'm coming from the land of the Bloods and Crips
So keep my muthafuckin city out yo dental
It's Westside til I die, y'all can't fade South Central
Nigga, I'm bustin wit not discussion
Down wit the Comrads like I was rushin
Bs and Cs on the same team
Wit the same dream: tryna regulate the green
Nigga, Boo kapone faded off the 40 bottle
The Westside Connect Gang ain't naythin but my role model
So back the fuck up
Get smacked the fuck up
My whole game is to dissolve this rap [???]

(Verse 2 -Cj Mac)
[???] It's the Mac wit no K on the C
Westside, rich roller [???] See me at the ball wit y'all
I'm down to fall at dawn
I got the rubbers and the [???] And when they call for [brawls?] Jealous niggas catch your wig splittin
Watch them big ol' niggas turn to kitten
When the [???] spittin
Who is locked [??????] , fool
I'm in the studio swangin wit the Allfrumthai Crew
Twist neck and felon for birds sellin
He's the paper sellin [ and kick it in jail and?], you know
[Fed, extraterrestial union
Lags when he commutin?] South Central, C-Riders
Still [roll it in?] peruvian

(Verse 3 -Squeak Ru)
Nigga, all dogs go to heaven
And I be bailin on any muthafucker down for tellin
I can't stand a snitch
He worse than a bitch
C*** back the 9 and hit him witta clip
It's the chronic that be fuckin up my brain
Squeak so [puffed?] you got [???] me down with chains
I can't avoid, you get destroyed
Got em paranoid, smashin niggas like astravoid
I like to bang on niggas and watch em pass
You never see the fat man runnin outta gas
Niggas is harmless, let's start this
Welcome to your funeral, I'm the prince of darkness

(Verse 4 -The Comrads)
Hoo-Ride, Westside, surprise, surprise
Comrads in cahoots witta Thai
Ski masks and body bags, neckbreakers
Niggas left in body [cas?], [?] takers
2-11ers, everybody scared of us
3 time felons, 1-8-7ers
[Mony, Mony, stitch yourself Tony?] [???] niggas, trunk full of funny money
Slide it to the S-A's, cuanto cuestos
Screamin 'bout [ Lexus?], bullet-proof vestos
Connected like Siamese Twins
[Ordered in?] chinese checkers on Henn', muthafucker

(Verse 5 -Wc)
Murder One, Murder One
Niggas make way 'cause here I come
Steady drippin liquor, hittin tied niggas
Checkin niggas for chickens
Still saggin, [??????] fat flippin, nigga
I'm true to this, fuck all the glamour and the camera
Or else I beat your ass with a muthafuckin [???] hammer
Cyco-scenetic, Connect Gang fanatic
Bandanas [???] back when the heaters squeezed up, rider
Dub C from the Dub S C
Highly hated but never faded
'cause I'm hoodsta witta [crook related?] Niggas be starin but can't fuck this all
When I connect, ride to the [???] [???????] bang 'I'm and peel the jaw
Nigga, what's happenin,
Which of y'all really wanna get this shit crackin
I got the [A-O 15?] to semiautomatics, hey
Puttin it down wit my niggas from the other side
Dub Hoo-Ride'n' wit Allfrumthai, nigga

Yeah, yeah, nigga
Busters gotta bow down
Allfrumthai, Westside Connect Gang
We hoo-bang and we hoo-ride
Y'all niggas can't fuck witta Westside, huh
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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