Alcheh & Hunt Feat. Dechen Hawk – Beautifully Back Lyrics

Alcheh & Hunt Feat. Dechen Hawk – Beautifully Back Lyrics

I made mistakes that could fill great lakes
I did things a man should never do
You were so right to leave me,
To not believe me when I said I’d make it up to you.

My world turned black my darlin’,
But now you’re beautifully back.
There’s nothin’ I lack, now that you’re beautifully back.
I can’t believe it, baby
You're really, beautifully back.

I’ve let you down and I broke your heart
I said things I wish you never knew
I want to say “forgive me”
And ask you to imagine starting something new.

My world turned bright, oh sweet darlin’,
And so did your long blonde hair.
There’s nothin’ I lack, now that you’ve taken me back.
As I help you unpack, I can’t believe it baby.
You're really, beautifully back.

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