[Intro] Sadboys

[Verse 1] Walk away, I’ll fade to grey, but not today
As long as you are here, I’ll be okay
Now, I wanna walk, wanna walk today
If my life not in grey I’ll walk today
I’ll, I’ll be your yellowman carcosa land
I’ll be your spaceman, your walking hand
But not today, want to fade away
But I keep going (going everyday)

[Verse 2] See me movin’ out of foreigns slow
She just wanna spend my dough
Movin’ out of dungeons slow
Watch just how I shine and glow
Louis Vuitton on me, ho
Draped up in silk all my robe
Shadows with me where I go
Bag over my face – freakshow
Fuck with me, I’ll bring you down
Whole crowd, they don’t make a sound
Watch the ravens fly around
I don’t care about your sound
You could try and talk to me
Visions are reality
We are slow, but we are clowns
Poppin’ downers, no more crowns



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