Verse 1

Give me a gangstress
A bitch that don’t take no shit
I need a gangsta bitch
A bitch that’s armed and dangerous

I want a bitch that
Pack a gat up under her mini skirt
A duce-duce up in her, Fendi purse
Dealin wit pleanty work
Shippin birds to any jerk
Get served on any turf
She all about her Benji’s dirt
Up then she skirt
Even though her friends be hurt
Be gorilla lookin broads
Always fightin in the backyard
Must be a bodyguard
She married to the Mobb
Flip a new car every damn year
No mo’ O. G. ‘s than Pam Grier
See around here she’s like the Hedi Fliess
Cuz she run a hoe house, wit a gamblin shack downstairs
Sellin chronic wit brown hairs
I want a hoe to roll my optimos
When I squat the roll, talk to folks on my mob (mobile phone)
Let her chop the doe
Give her ass a glock to hold
Cuz niggas be jockin so tough, they might be plottin so lock they ass up
At the Stop N’ Go
They fuckin wit a Mobbsta hoe
Toss the gat out the door, then come papa so I can wax that ass juss
Like Mop N’ Glo

Chorus *(Yuk, Fa Sho)* 1x

I need a gangstress!
(I need a gangstress!)
A bitch that don’t take no shit!
(A Thugged Out gangsta bitch!)
Give me a Gangsta bitch!
(Give me a Gangsta bitch!)
I only fuck wit bad ass chicks!
(Only bad ass chicks!)
(Bad, bad girl, yeahhhhh!)
(I only fuck wit bad, bad girls, yeahhhh!)

Verse 2

I want a bitch that got a mouth full o’ gold teeth
Who like to roll sweets
Smoke trees mo’ than me
Coppin whole piece of bomb ass weed
Hennessy, Shrooms, and Xtacy, the kind I need
Behind I be
Doggstyle, Anaconda in yo baby mama
She don’t fuck wit you little grinders, cuz she already a timer
In designer Anne Klein
Iceberg tights
The white bird life
The type of bitch that been hustlin all her life
I want a bitch that I can call wife
Fuck all night
Lie wit and cry wit
On them hot fall nights
The type of bitch that keep my game tight
Help me ball right
Tell me which niggas in the click is fake
Which niggas is alright
I need a bitch that like to swallow dick
Suck my nut and gargle it
Slap a nigga over the head wit a bottle quick
I need a bitch who like to smoke in public
Drink in public
In a Cutlass only bumpin thug shit!

*(Chorus)* 1x

Verse 3

The type of bitch that keep a strap under the mat-reese
But I’m so real I make her ass ride in the back seat
Smokin hashish
Fuck bangin Black Street
The hoe that get at me, be the hoe that get her ass beat
Pop up at my telly like magic
Storm in the room, beat the bitch I juss got through fuckin wit a broom
She only fuck wit tycoons
I want a bitch that talk shit
Start shit
Let me rock up yay in her apartment
Everything is our shit
I want a bitch that rock Tim boots
That got her own bubble Benz coupe
Wit friends that’s cute
Blowin smoke out the roof
A bitch that like to shoot the gas
Gucchi bag wit the boots to match
Lick off shots like Super Gat
A bitch that’s stackin mo’, run through yo scratch
Who the mack?
Bitches I quit, still refusin scraps
From them cats that’s hella sweet
Straight buyin ’em gifts
But she into gangsta shit
An I’m into gangsta chicks!

*(Chorus)* 1x

To be a gangsta bitch (a gangsta bitch)
Everybody gotta know ya
A gangsta bitch, means you don’t take no shit! (til end)

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