Do you take this man for your lawful husband? Yes! I do.
And do you take this lady for your lawful wife? Yes, I do.

I’m getting married in the morning.
Ding dong! You hear the church bell ring.
She have mi yellow baby and I’m gonna?.
So take me to the church on time.

But hear me man!

Say if you think I’m s***, cho little girl reach out and touch me.
If you really need me, cho little girl reach out and tell me.
And, give me your loving, give me your loving.
Don’t forget about the all night squeezing.
Don’t forget about the hugging and teasing.

Say on my way me a go to?
On my way me a go to?
Me? Mi wife? Name Susan.
Say? Husband I beg you sing a love song.
If you ever change your mind about leaving, leaving me behind.

Say honey bring it to me, bring your sweet loving.
Bring it alone to me. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Say that mi wife is a part of mi life.
Mi wife is a part of mi life.
Say some a married and some a divorced.
Some a them a talk ’bout married life to?
But tell you Yellowman the girls them love the most.
But when it comes to? Yellowman?

Say that a mi a the husband you a the wife.
My fry the chicken and you boil the rice.
Me sweet like sugar and me nice like spice
They say that me have one good?
But this come to? Fathead?

Roses are red my love but violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet my love but not as sweet as you.

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