Mi casa es su casa
Mi raza es su raza


Kid Frost

This is big business, understand me?
Yeah, you can’t take no for a answer

Welcome to the world of big business, lives get broken and made
You’re walkin barefoot in a room full of razorblades
We’re playin catch with a hand grenade
Cause what you faggot niggas caught
Spread you all over the asphalt
Walk the walk, talk to nobody
Spark the chrome shotie
Whenever they run up on your home, Gotti
Gangsta, gangsta, read all about it
Xzibit get your whole shit crowded
And packed to capacity
You actually had the audacity
To want some problems with the X Man
Lift you off your feet with the back of my left hand
Learn one of life’s hard lessons
You can’t negotiate with a weapon
When it’s fully loaded and cocked
Hollow points shot
Next to the firing pin, with the hammer ready to drop
I took you off, so accept the loss
Crack open some Olde English that’s covered with frost
And it’s like that

[ chorus ] Can you feel it, nothing can save ya
For this is the season for stackin the papers

Chasin my chips till my last days
Hit a million dollar lick and split it three ways

I’m in pursuit of them hundred dollar big faces
Wrapped in rubber bands in em bulletproof briefcases
Please understand automatically
One squeeze of the trigger cause tragedy
Casually fucked around and got your whole family mad at me
My strategy: subtract enemies mathematically
Frost will kick your head off slow, you ain’t as bad as me
50/50 – half gangster, half hustler
One side’s about my business, and the other side’s a muthafucka
So when I creep, I crawl, I’m like Swiss-made
Fuck are you, bitch-made, I slice you with my switchblade
Razor, got the H-K with the laser
Slid the Enterpriser, rent a 99 black Blazer
I shot straight at Merino
Thousand dollar suite, layin low at the Peppermint Casino
I been a player before I had riches
And now I’m eatin steak and crab and fuckin bad bitches

[ chorus ]

{Jayo Felony}
I don’t give a fuck about not one of y’all
Disrespect this here, nigga, it’s real clear I’m gunnin y’all
When night falls, nah fuck, night flies a kite
I take flight like Delta, nigga, helter skelter
Who the fuck could you call to help ya
Nigga, good health couldn’t help ya
Put the ‘s’ in spit, bust your tightest shit, never felt ya
Could you picture yourself in the same room when I let these off
Two rivals, suicidal, take the strap and squeeze off
But before you do it, I take the heater and shoot both your knees off
Let him suffer, can’t get enough of, I’m rougher
Go get my ammunitions and paper, nigga, cause it’s a habit
Let off on ya in a 600, or let’s call em rabbit
Is it tragic how the automatic made you breathe like a asthmatic
Static, what’s that? That shit that get up in my fabric
I’m into bitches and beamers and my chips
And I’m keepin four eyes on em schemers when I dip, bitch

[ chorus ]

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